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Learn how to crochet these textured fingerless gloves / hand warmers / wrist warmers! These work up quickly for a weekend project or last minute gift idea. Scroll to the end after written pattern for the video tutorial.


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CH= Chain

DC= Double Crochet

SK= Skip

SL ST= Slip Stich

YO= Yarn Over


Begin with Magic Circle.

RND1: CH 3 (counts as first DC). In center of circle, DC, CH 1. [DC 2, CH-1] five times. Join in 3rd stitch of beginning CH-3.

RND2: SL ST 2 (to get to CH-...

This headband is really easy to make and works up quickly- it's stretchy, soft, warm, and the size is easily customizable! Links to supplies I used are below, pattern is written out below that, and a video tutorial at the bottom explains the pattern in more detail with...

These slipper socks are pretty easy to make, using only the Half Double Crochet Stitch. They are worked in one continuous piece, meaning no stopping here and starting over there, or no sewing pieces together. I used variegated yarn to get the interesting color pattern...

Learn how to make these crochet dinosaur spikes and how to sew them on to your project. Shown here on a newborn size hat. I made the front spike smaller than the rest.

CH= Chain
HDC= Half Double Crochet
SL ST= Slip Stich

View the video tutorial below. Enjo...

The trick to crocheting a perfectly flat circle is to begin with the correct number of stitches and to increase each round by the same number of stitches in the first round. For the Half Double Crochet (HDC) stitch, we begin with 10 HDC in the beginning center circle....

So many things you can make starting with a basic square like this! And all you need to know is the Double Crochet (DC) stitch. 

Abbreviations/stitches used:
CH= Chain
DC= Double Crochet
SL ST= Slip Stitch

I used worsted weight yarn and the manufacturer's recommended hoo...

How did I crochet for so long without knowing these chainless stitches?! Once I learned this stitch, I wanted to use it all the time! The Foundation HDC or can be used in place of a row of CH and a row of HDC. It's faster and easier. I love that it looks finished on bo...

This Thanksgiving table confetti is made up of pumpkins and flowers in Autumn colors. I'll show you how to make each piece and you can mix and match the colors and pieces however you'd like for your display. Each piece only takes a couple minutes to make, so it is not...

Accessorize for Fall with these crochet pumpkin hair clips. Perfect for Thanksgiving and Halloween, too. For size reference, the clips I used are 40mm, which would look cute on a toddler or little girl. I would use a larger size clip for a teen or adult. You can use an...

Here is a handy measurement chart for making hats from baby through adult sizes. The chart above and notes below it are an image file so you can save it and print it out if you'd like. I have made hundreds of hats using these measurements, so I can vouch for their accu...

I think tigers are one of the most beautiful animals on Earth, so I hat to make a crochet hat version of the animal! Making a crochet animal hat is easier than you might think. You simply make each face piece separately and then sew them onto the hat. The hat in t...

This tiny triangle is so easy to make using basic crochet stitches. It takes me less than one minute to make it! Watch my video demonstration below to see how easy it is and to learn how to make it yourself.

CH Chain
DC Double Crochet
HDC Half Double Croch...

Learn how to attach your crochet applique to your project. All you need is a yarn needle. No sewing skills required! When I make the applique, I cut the ending tail extra long and use it to attach the applique. I do NOT weave it in to the applique first, it will be wea...

This crochet tutorial will show you how to make the sleeping eyes for crochet animal hats. It's actually pretty easy, even if you don't sew.

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Supplies you'll need:


Crochet Hook

Yarn Needle


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