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Pumpkin Hair Clips

Accessorize for Fall with these crochet pumpkin hair clips. Perfect for Thanksgiving and Halloween, too. For size reference, the clips I used are 40mm, which would look cute on a toddler or little girl. I would use a larger size clip for a teen or adult. You can use any style of clip or barrette, I just happen to personally like snap clips. I like the simplicity of silver clips to really make the orange pop!

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Crochet Thread #10 in Pumpkin Orange

Crochet Hook size 1.5mm

Darming Needle


Snap Hair Clips

Hot Glue Gun OR needle/orange threadPUMPKIN PATTERN

Begin with Magic Circle, CH 2

RND1: HDC 10 in center of circle. Pull beginning yarn tail tight to close the circle. Join with SL ST in top of 1st HDC.

RND2: CH1. SC in same space.





2 SC





Join with SL ST in top of 1st SC.

Stem: CH 3. SL ST in 2nd CH. SL ST in next CH. SL ST in last stitch of pumpkin. Cut yarn, weave in ends.

View video below for a complete walkthrough on how to make the pumpkin.

Once you have the pumpkin complete, you can attach it to a hair clip. I prefer to sew them on because I think it looks neater and is more secure. To sew, I line up the center of the pumpkin with the hole in the snap clip and I attach the pumpkin all the way around, using about 5 stitches evenly spaced around the clip. You can see this in the video below.

Another way to attach them is with a hot glue gun. A word of caution about using a hot glue gun is that some people can be allergic to the chemicals in the glue and if you plan on selling them, you should use a CPSIA approved glue. However if you are making them for yourself or your friends, then use whatever you like. Glue is faster than sewing, plus you can use it on clips that don't have the holes in them for sewing.

If your pumpkin needs to be shaped or re-shaped after wear, just wet it, shape it and let it dry and it will dry in the way to positioned and stay that way (this is called blocking).

Hope you enjoyed!



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