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Foundation Half Double Crochet

How did I crochet for so long without knowing these chainless stitches?! Once I learned this stitch, I wanted to use it all the time! The Foundation HDC or can be used in place of a row of CH and a row of HDC. It's faster and easier. I love that it looks finished on both sides and it's stretchy (both qualities are unlike a regular CH+HDC) so it works great as a headband or as a waistband. It's also great if you need to add or remove stitches, you don't have to undo all your HDC to add or remove CH and then redo all your HDC. You just count as you go.

Begin with a Slip Knot and Chain 2. Begin as you would a HDC: Yarn Over, insert hook into first Chain, pull yarn through. Now you will have 3 loops on your hook. Yarn over, pull yarn through ONLY ONE loop. This creates the "foundation." Then Yarn over and complete the HDC by pulling the yarn through all three loops. Stitch complete!

For remaining stitches: Yarn over, insert hook into bottom 2 loops of foundation, pull yarn through (three loops on hook at this point). Yarn Over, pull yarn through only one loop to create the foundation. Then complete the HDC: Yarn over, pull yarn through all three loops.

View my video below for a demonstration.

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