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How to Crochet a Small Butterfly Applique

Learn how to make an easy small butterfly applique. This pattern works with any yarn or hook size. A smaller hook and/or lighter yarn will give you a smaller butterfly and a larger hook and/or thicker yarn will give you a bigger butterfly.

STITCHES USED/ABBREVIATIONS CH = Chain DC= Double Crochet SL ST= Slip Stitch TR= Triple Crochet WRITTEN PATTERN: Begin with Magic Circle (tutorial here). Ch 4. In center of circle: TR 2, CH 3, SL ST. CH 2, DC 2, CH 2, SL ST CH 2, DC 2, CH 2, SL ST CH 3, TR 2, CH 3, SL ST Cut yarn. Insert hook in center of circle, from back to front and pull ending yarn tail through. Pull beginning yarn tight to close the circle. Weave in ends. Butterfly wings complete. Cut a separate piece of yarn (same color or different color) about 12 inches long. Wrap it around center of wings piece vertically and tie a knot at the top to make the butterfly body and antennae.

Follow along with my video tutorial at the bottom of this page for a more thorough walk through!


SUPPLIES USED IN VIDEO (affiliate links to Worsted Weight Yarn H8/5mm Crochet Hook Embroidery Scissors Yarn Needle


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