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How To Make A Yarn Pom Pom

Here is an easy way to make a yarn pom pom without any special tools or supplies. You just need yarn and scissors!

Please view the video below for the step by step tutorial. I'll show you how to make a regular pom pom that could be used for anything, and also how I make them when I know I'll be sewing it onto a crochet hat. I know my scissors are tiny but I love these embroidery scissors because I've had them for years and they are still super sharp! It makes the job even easier if you have super sharp scissors (just be careful not to snip your skin!)


Yarn: I used worsted weight acrylic yarn. The cotton yarn I've used doesn't hold up when you tug on the tie string, it sort of just breaks apart. I haven't tried making pom poms with other yarns.

If you want a smaller pom pom, you can can trim it smaller. If you want a larger pom pom, then you'll have to find something larger than your hand to wrap the yarn around. Look in your kitchen for a large spatula or really you can use any object around your house, the process is the same.

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