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How To Attach Ears to Crochet Hat

In this tutorial, I'll show you the best way to make the crochet ears, as well as how to attach them to that they'll stand up on their own without using stuffing or any other supplies to make the ears stand up. These techniques will work for any size or shape of ears on any size hat!

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The first trick to making the ears stand up is to make them double thick. Even soft yarn when doubled will be able to hold its shape better. There are two ways to do this. The first way is to crochet with two strands of yarn at once when you make the ear. Use the same size crochet hook you would use for a single strand of yarn. The second way is to make two regular ears and then sew them together. I prefer this second way because I like to make the front and back of the ear different from each other. Usually the front will have a little color in the center and the back will be a solid color. I also think it matches the rest of the hat better this way.

The second trick to make the ears stand up on their own is to make sure enough of the ear is actually attached to the hat to hold it firmly in place. I usually aim for about a third of the ear to be attached to the hat. So, if there are 18-20 stitches around the outer circle of the ear, I'll attach 6 stitches of the ear to the hat. You'll probably think you should stop sewing when the circle starts to curve away from the hat, but the trick is to keep going past where you probably think you should. It's difficult to explain in words, so please watch the video below for a demonstration.

SUPPLIES USED IN VIDEO Yarn Crochet Hook Needle


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