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Small Pumpkin Applique

If you can crochet a circle, then you can crochet a pumpkin! My pumpkin design is an oval shape with indented top and bottom. To achieve this shape, I begin with a regular simple circle for the first round, using HDC. Then on the second round, I use SC stitches on the top and bottom, DC stitches on the sides, and use HDC as a transition between the SC and DC. The stem is a simple chain. I used a H8/5mm hook and worsted weight yarn for a 2" applique. Adjust the size of your hook and/or yarn for a different sized applique. Or now that you know how the shape works, you can even design your own pumpkin!

Keep reading for written pattern, supplies used, and a video of the pattern..


SC= Single Crochet

DC= Double Crochet

HDC= Half Double Crochet

SL ST= Slip Stitch


With orange yarn, Magic Circle, CH 1.

RND1: HDC 10 in center of magic circle. Pull beginning yarn tight to close the circle. Count back from hook 10 stitches and join with a SL ST. CH 1. (count=10)

RND2. SC in same stitch.

In next (2nd) stitch, HDC and DC.

DC 2 in each of the next 2 stitches (3rd and 4th stitches).

In 5th stitch, DC and HDC.

In 6th stitch SC 2.

In 7th stitch, HDC and DC

In 8th and 9th stitches, DC 2

In 10th stitch, DC and HDC, switching to brown yarn during HDC stitch.

Join with SL ST in top of first SC.

CH 3 for the stem. CH 1 more to make a knot, pull the yarn tight.

-If you'll be attaching the applique to another crochet item, leave long tails when you cut your yarn. Weave in beginning yarn ends only. Otherwise, cut short tails and weave in all ends.

Follow along in my video below!



(not shown) Yarn Needle


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