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Small Four Leaf Clover Applique

Here's a super easy and really cute four leaf clover you can make for St. Patrick's Day or any occasion!

STITCHES USED/ABBREVIATIONS: CH - Chain SL ST - Slip Stitch TR - Triple Crochet Magic Circle tutorial here WRITTEN PATTERN: Begin with Magic Circle, CH 4. Work in center of magic circle: TR 2, CH 3, SL ST in center of circle. Work [CH 3, TR 2, CH 3, SL ST in center of circle] three times. CH 4. Pull beginning yarn tail tight to close the circle completely. Finish off. Weave in ends.

Optional variations: - Leave off the 4th leaf for a three leaf clover. - Make the stem longer by adding more chain stitches at the end.

Follow along in my video below if you need help with the pattern. :)

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SUPPLIES USED IN VIDEO: Worsted Weight Yarn H8/5mm crochet hook SUPPLIES USED, NOT SHOWN IN VIDEO: Yarn needle Embroidery scissors

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