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How To Crochet Faster

Okay, the title is maybe a little misleading. You’re probably already crocheting as fast as you can. The only way to truly crochet faster is just with practice. BUT maybe you need to make a gift and don't have a lot of time to work on it. There are a few tricks to help you complete your project faster. Some of the following tips contradict each other because not all tricks will work for every project. So, pick and choose which tips you can apply to your project to complete it faster. Tips to Complete Your Crochet Project Faster

* Make sure you have everything you need before you start. If you have to keep stopping to get more supplies, even if it’s in the next room, it will slow you down.

* Limit distractions. Turn off the TV, leave your smart phone or tablet in another room so you’re not tempted to pick it up while you’re working.

* Put on some upbeat music or whatever it is that motivates you to get moving.

​* Keep a glass of water nearby. Or coffee. Whatever makes you feel a little more comfortable. If you're uncomfortable, you'll start slowing down or maybe even want to stop.

* Find a comfortable spot to crochet. Sit upright with good posture and all your supplies close by or even laid out in front of you if you can.

* Choose a design with a repetitive pattern you can memorize so you won’t have to keep checking a written pattern for what to do next.

* Choose a solid color project or a multicolor yarn if switching colors slow you down.

* Choose a smaller project. Instead of a full sized blanket, make a lap blanket. Instead of a long sleeve sweater, make it short sleeved, make it shorter in length, or leave it open in the front

* Use larger stitches. A single crochet project is going to take a whole lot longer to complete than double or triple crochet.

* Use open work stitches. A pattern that skips spaces is a great way to get ahead faster.

* Use a larger hook. A larger hook means your stitches will be bigger, so you’ll need less of them and save time. (bonus: larger, looser stitches feel softer)

* Use thicker yarn. Thicker yarn means larger hook and larger stitches so you can get through your project faster even if you need to stick with a tighter stitch, such as single crochet.

* Crochet with two colors at once. It’s like a thicker yarn and it makes a very interesting color design.

I actually use these tips myself. I’m currently working on making myself a cardigan and I don’t want to spend a whole lot of time on it. So, I’m using a larger crochet hook than the yarn recommends, which is actually making the design little looser and flowy-er. I chose a simple lacy ripple design that is repetitive and really easy to do. The “lace” part of the pattern means it skips spaces, but it also looks fancier. As a bonus, I won’t need to add an edging when I’m finished since it’s already rippled. I’m surprised at how fast it’s coming along compared to other projects I’ve made. I hope you found some tips to help you with your project! -Amanda


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